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Rainbow Rumpus’s children’s books are about kids from lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender(LGBT)-headed families. Each contains teaching activities and information about how to talk about family diversity. The stories explore a variety of themes and will capture the imagination of young readers from many family backgrounds. Click the links below and download your free books today!

Printable Picture Books

Dear Santa: Chapter 1

In Dear Santa, Pedro’s holiday excitement is dragging because his lonely dad can’t seem to find the right guy to date. Dad needs a cheerful guy: somebody big and bearded, a guy who likes to laugh and have a good time. Who better to ask (out) than Santa himself?


Elena is pretty sure this is the best day ever. After all, her favorite snacks and a new book were waiting for her in her dad’s van. But something about it doesn’t seem right… Will her best day turn into the biggest embarrassment of the year?

Breaking the Birthday Rules

In Breaking the Birthday Rules, Sam has a serious problem. His friend Jaylin is having a birthday party, but Sam isn’t invited. Bad thoughts start gnawing at his brain: Why wasnt I invited? Doesnt Jaylin like me? Can he figure it out before his brain becomes snack food? This story includes a questions and activities page.


The Girl Who Stole the Stars

What happens when you wish on all the stars? In The Girl Who Stole the Stars, by Patt Ligman, Celeste is running out of patience. Every night she wishes on her favorite star for the thing she wants most: a puppy. But wishing doesn’t work. Maybe one star isn’t enough! Celeste decides to wish for all the stars…and gets more than she bargained for! By the author of The Boy Who Captured the Moon, this story includes a questions and activities page.

Grandpa Dragon and My Peach Tree Moms

Grandpa Dragon and My Peach Tree Moms, by Rene Ohana, is the story of Bao, a girl who lives in a cave with kind Grandpa Dragon. Bao's getting too big to ride on Grandpa Dragon's scaly back. And she sometimes forgets she's not a dragon. Grandpa Dragon helps Bao find her place in the world--with a human family. Will they find the right parents for Bao?

Pigeons Don't Float!

Pigeons Don't Float, by Jennifer C. Manion, is the story of Lilly, who loves family Sundays at the park. One Sunday while feeding the ducks, Lilly sees something quite unusual. Except . . . will anyone believe her? Now Lilly has to figure out how to believe it herself.

Ta-cumba Goes By Himself

Ta-Cumba turned six and, on his way to the restaurant bathroom, stepped through a door marked with a K . . . and into an adventure!

The Boy Who Captured the Moon

Raymond wanted to capture the moon. He tried a net. He tried a lasso. And then he tried something else altogether.

Same, Same

Izzy and Tiffany do everything together. What will happen to their friendship when one friend can do something the other cannot?

Baby Maria

Baby Maria, by Mike Huber, tells the story of Steven, who has trouble waiting for Mama Susan to come back from a trip to Guatemala. Mama Susan is on a special trip--to pick up Steven's new baby sister. Steven's routine is all messed up with Mama Susan gone, and even when she returns, things don't exactly go back to normal . . .