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“Why doesn’t Gareth ever smile?” Jorge whispered to his friend Mike, pointing to their classmate. “He always looks like he lost his lunch money.”

“And he always wears that same shirt,” added Mike. “Weird kid.”

Jorge nodded. He was eager for the school day to end. “Want to come over later and watch Aladdin?”


Recently, I've been thinking about the power of children's stories more than ever. My wife and I had our first child, Louis, at the beginning of April. Children are born with nothing, and as parents, we build their world for them.


If you happened to read the Rainbow Rumpus article “Megan's Story” several years ago, there's a good chance you will remember Megan Jacoby. She wrote about how she formed her high school’s Gay-Straight Alliance (or GSA) so she could help her classmates understand how important it is to accept LGBT people.

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