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“Don’t put anything into the pond.” Oskar read the sign that hung on the post beside the community garden’s fish pond out loud. “It is our home. Signed, The Fish.”  Even though it was only as big as the bathtub in Oskar’s apartment, it was a real pond with rocks and moss at the edges. Three small fish swam around the rocks. One was bright orange. Two were pale yellow.


Every month we see new faces in the kids and teens who are profiled on our website. In the September issue our readers met Rita, 10, from Madrid, Spain, and learned about her passion for a sport called floorball.


It’s not uncommon for young eight- or nine-year olds to come home from school and happily proclaim to their parents, “I want to be a doctor!” But how many of them actually end up pursuing that career in the long run?

Nearly 15 years ago, Sacha Finn was one of those kids.

Rosen'Blue and Sassafras