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“You don’t really want that, do you?” Mom looked at the huge pencil Kai held up in the Bronx Zoo gift shop. It was as long as his arm.

“It’s got lizards on it,” he explained. What he really wanted was a pet chameleon, but the shop didn’t sell those. Anyway, Mama always said she hated “scaly things.”


I am so glad to be starting 2014 with so many readers and supporters like you! In 2013 we welcomed over 100,000 readers to our website and raised $20,000 from individual supporters. I expect 2014 to be even better. 


Adrianne loves to play games with her preschool class. A favorite game of hers is a silent version of “Simon Says”: Adrianne starts by tapping her nose, waiting until the entire class is tapping their noses before moving on to another motion (patting her head, for example). The movements become quicker—patting the floor, knees, shoulders, and so on.

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