Why Nude Pics Are A Steamy Yet Important Relationship Milestone

Sending nudes to your significant other is much better than sending nudes to a random for fun. There’s a level of intimacy that’s just unmatched.
But sending the first nude is nerve-wracking for a lot of people. Does it look good? Is it sexy? Will they like it?

For some reason, texting your partner your first snapchat nude is way more of a rush than the first time you have sex. Sexting opens up a new level of intimacy that will make your sex that much better and is a way of making you guys closer.
But it also makes room for more fun in your relationship!

By sending nudes with each other, it becomes a new, steamy way to tell them you miss them, can’t wait to see them, are thinking about them, and can’t wait to get into bed with them!

Once you reach this milestone, you’ll notice things in your relationship start to change — seriously. Seeing someone naked, but most importantly having that person’s trust to let you see them naked, is vulnerability at its finest — especially if you’re sending them naked pictures through text.
Nude pictures are an important step in a relationship because that means you’re comfortable enough with them to be able to send these pictures and are not afraid of judgment. Trusting your partner in this way, where you’re both sending photos and videos, lets you know that you trust one another and are all in.

Plus, as I mentioned, it will heighten your sex life. Just imagine receiving a nude picture of your significant other, whose body you already love, and have something to look at during a busy day as a reminder of what’s waiting for that night, or when you’re not near, and they now have a visual of you for when they please themselves.

Having that image of you stuck in their heads will only make them more excited to be with you and pleasure you.

Now, let’s be real. We all text our partners pretty often, but just because it’s them doesn’t change the fact that texting is only interesting for so long — the conversation is bound to get boring at one point. This is where nudes come in to save the conversation!

I’m not saying that this is the only way you should be able to keep a conversation, because if you’re in a relationship with someone you have to be able to communicate. Texting is also a good opportunity for getting to know your partner by asking questions.

But sending nudes helps spice up a dull conversation moment and gets you both thinking about one another and releases all those feel-good hormones in your brain, not to mention in your body.

Once you reach this milestone in your relationship, things only start to get better! Deepening intimacy and your relationship as a whole is reason enough not to be nervous or anxious about sending the first nude if you haven’t yet.

Top 5 Best Cities to be Gay in

5.) Baltimore, Maryland

The metro area of Baltimore wins the top spot in equality in health care. The Human Rights Campaign, which figures out how fair and broad the facility practices are, recognized 3.3 hospitals as meeting the standard for every 10,000 LGBT citizens. Baltimore is the home of the LGBT Community Center of Baltimore & Central Maryland, which has backed the LGBT community in the state for 35 years. Also, there is the Baltimore Pride parade, block party, high-heel race, and festival that holds a good 30,000 people every year. Another annual event that happens every year is the city hosts the B’more Q-Fest film festival to promote and kick off Pride month.

4.) Providence, Rhode Island

In the Providence metro area, 4.4% of the citizens identify as LGBT. The area is home to Pride RI, Youth Pride Inc., ACLU of Rhode Island and several other civil rights organizations that work to promote visibility and equal rights for the local LGBT community. Every June, Providence hosts the RI PrideFest, which features the Illuminated Night Parade. The Providence Warwick Convention and Visitors Bureau even has its own “Glambassador,” Haley Star, who is a famous YouTube drag queen.

3.) Austin, Texas

 Despite the fact that its location, unfortunately, sits in a state that actually bans same-sex marriage, Austin made to the list of standouts.  5.3% of Austin’s metro population identifies as LGBT. The city holds several LGBT groups for anyone and everyone, from teens to members of the police department to old retired folk. Every year, the city presents its own Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival followed by a week of events and activities getting pumped for Austin Pride. Since Austin is such an active and fun city, it’s no surprise at all that there are so many LGBT sports and recreation leagues. The Austin Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce promotes and presents all of Central Texas’ LGBT businesses and organizations.

 2.) Portland, Oregon

Along with all of its many famous gay bars and all of its priceless dance parties, the city is known to contain one of the country’s longest running drag clubs: Darcelle XV and Company. Portland Pride Festival is held at the city’s Waterfront Park which happens every June. It has a parade of over 150 people and floats. The city contains many fun activities such and facilities such as The Portland Gay Men’s Chorus; Q Center a nonprofit organization that supports and promotes diversity; and Equity Foundation, which grants funds to programs that promote equality for the LGBT community. Every year, the city hosts the famous Portland Queer Film Festival and Peacock in the Park, an LGBT variety show.

1.)   San Francisco, California

This metro area is at the number one on the list when it comes to the percentage of residents who identify as LGBT: 6.2%. The Castro District has long been the hot spot of San Francisco’s amazing LGBT culture and it was also was also one of the first gay areas in the country. It has LGBT-owned businesses, the historic Castro Theatre, the LGBT History Museum, the Pink Triangle Park, the LGBT Walk of Fame, Harvey Milk Plaza and Twin Peaks Tavern, the legendary gay bar. The city hosts several LGBT events throughout the year, including the Castro Street Fair, the Pink Saturday street party, the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival and the Dyke March.

Check out the video below if you would like to see San Francisco’s Pride Parade!