Why Nude Pics Are A Steamy Yet Important Relationship Milestone

Sending nudes to your significant other is much better than sending nudes to a random for fun. There’s a level of intimacy that’s just unmatched.
But sending the first nude is nerve-wracking for a lot of people. Does it look good? Is it sexy? Will they like it?

For some reason, texting your partner your first snapchat nude is way more of a rush than the first time you have sex. Sexting opens up a new level of intimacy that will make your sex that much better and is a way of making you guys closer.
But it also makes room for more fun in your relationship!

By sending nudes with each other, it becomes a new, steamy way to tell them you miss them, can’t wait to see them, are thinking about them, and can’t wait to get into bed with them!

Once you reach this milestone, you’ll notice things in your relationship start to change — seriously. Seeing someone naked, but most importantly having that person’s trust to let you see them naked, is vulnerability at its finest — especially if you’re sending them naked pictures through text.
Nude pictures are an important step in a relationship because that means you’re comfortable enough with them to be able to send these pictures and are not afraid of judgment. Trusting your partner in this way, where you’re both sending photos and videos, lets you know that you trust one another and are all in.

Plus, as I mentioned, it will heighten your sex life. Just imagine receiving a nude picture of your significant other, whose body you already love, and have something to look at during a busy day as a reminder of what’s waiting for that night, or when you’re not near, and they now have a visual of you for when they please themselves.

Having that image of you stuck in their heads will only make them more excited to be with you and pleasure you.

Now, let’s be real. We all text our partners pretty often, but just because it’s them doesn’t change the fact that texting is only interesting for so long — the conversation is bound to get boring at one point. This is where nudes come in to save the conversation!

I’m not saying that this is the only way you should be able to keep a conversation, because if you’re in a relationship with someone you have to be able to communicate. Texting is also a good opportunity for getting to know your partner by asking questions.

But sending nudes helps spice up a dull conversation moment and gets you both thinking about one another and releases all those feel-good hormones in your brain, not to mention in your body.

Once you reach this milestone in your relationship, things only start to get better! Deepening intimacy and your relationship as a whole is reason enough not to be nervous or anxious about sending the first nude if you haven’t yet.