Asian Sex Dates Funds LGBT Awareness Programs

A leading online dating site for sex-positive Asian women, and men who are looking to meet them, has donated $100,000 (£75,000) to a campaign aiming to raise awareness of sexual minorities in schools.

The money was donated by Asian Sex Dates (https://asiansexdates.com), a free-to-join website that connects like-minded members across the world. Asian Sex Dates’ donation will fund a program run by Youth Acceptance Project (YAP). YAP’s mission is to provide resources for teachers, parents and school counselors on how to support LGBTQ youth in their community, as well as helping parents come to terms with their children coming out.

“I believe it’s important to take every opportunity we can get to help educate people about being gay or lesbian,” says the CEO of Asian Sex Dates. “Our goal is to raise as much awareness about homosexuality as possible.”

According to recent statistics from the CDC, approximately one in five adults identify as either bisexual or homosexual. However, many still do not accept sexual minorities when they come out; this means that millions of young people need access to education and support so they can feel safe living their lives as who they truly are. It also means that there are plenty of parents who could benefit from learning how to better understand their children and accept them regardless of their sexuality.

The donations made by Asian Sex Dates are just the latest in a string of initiatives aimed at educating society on the importance of acceptance. In June 2018, the United Nations launched its #HearMeToo campaign to raise awareness of discrimination against sexual minorities. YAP hopes that the organization’s efforts will encourage other companies, such as Asian Sex Dates, to follow suit and donate funds towards similar causes.

“We’ve been seeing a lot of progress recently, but the problem is so big that more needs to be done,” says the CEO. “It’s great that we’re getting these kinds of results, though, as it shows that everyone involved is dedicated to making the world a safer place for sexual minorities.”