You would think that two sisters 14 months apart would have a lot in common, but not Eliot and her sister, Emma. They consider themselves pretty much exact opposites (stay tuned for the December issue to learn more about Emma).

(left) with her sister Emma (right)
Eliot (left) with her sister, Emma (right)

Eliot is eleven years old and is in 6th grade. School isn’t her favorite thing, but she does excel at math and science. She takes harder classes because she enjoys being challenged and learning new things. Eliot says the reason she’s so good at math is because her mom taught her a lot when she was little.

When Eliot gets older, she plans to use her math abilities to be a chemist. She just likes numbers and wants to work in a career where she gets to work with numbers all the time. Eliot takes numbers so seriously, she once got mad at her sister for making cookies the wrong circumference (thecircumference is the distance around the outside of a circle).

During the school year, Eliot is involved in Math Masters and band. She also goes to Destination Imagination, which is a program where teams work together to solve problems and present the solutions at tournaments. Eliot’s team won second place at the Minnesota state tournament earlier this year. Then, they went to the global competition in Tennessee. Eliot had a blast in Tennessee. Her team ended up taking 11th place out of 78 teams from all around the world. Each team had their own pin, and traded pins with people from other teams. This was a fun way for Eliot to meet a lot of new people from faraway places.

Outside of school, Eliot loves playing sports, especially softball. She plays mostly infield right now. Eliot and her family are also fans of the Minnesota Lynx and go to games together a lot.

Eliot with her sister Emma and Lynx player Lindsay Whalen
Eliot with her sister, Emma, and Lynx player Lindsay Whalen

Eliot and her sister have a lot of fun together, despite their differences. They take bike rides, go to Valleyfair to ride the big, scary rides, and just goof around. They also enjoy spending time outside with their mom and T, playing sports, camping, geocaching, or hiking.

and Emma with their mom, Jamy, and Mr. Mom, T
Eliot and Emma with their mom, Jamy, and Mr. Mom, T

The coolest thing about Eliot’s family is that they encourage her to learn about herself, and give her space to grow into the special person she is to become. Her mom and T say that Eliot is totally comfortable with who she is, and doesn’t let other people tell her what she should do or be. This confidence is what helps Eliot be successful in whatever she puts her mind to.