Joey is in 7th grade, his second year of middle school. He is the only child of his moms, Sheri and Jodi.

Flip For It

Every Wednesday I go to a place called Jam and I do parkour there. It’s set up like a parkour gym, and it’s about the size of a basketball gym. There’s a lot of different things you can do there. I like to flip in the foam pit on the trampoline and do vaults over the foam blocks. I don’t do it outside. I would need to get better to do that. Hopefully I’ll reach that level. I’m working on doing a flip from a block or a flip Joey 4on the floor. I’ll be able to do that in another month or two, I guess. I started because it sounded like a lot of fun and I saw some people doing it on the Internet and it looked really cool so I decided to start doing it. I don’t plan to make videos of me doing it or anything, it’s just for fun mostly.

Hang Time

Aiden and Chase are my really good friends from school who do parkour with me. We hang out at lunch and after school at my friend Max’s house. Lunch is mostly just talking. It’s the four of us and a few other people. Like a medium-sized amount of people. When we get together, we just play around and run around and try to have fun. I’ve known Aiden since 2nd grade and I met Chase last year, when we got into the new school. We went to the same school before, I just never met him until middle school.

Core Strengthening

In middle school, I take acting and all of the common core classes – English, math, history and PE. Acting is a lot of fun, — to get on stage and perform in front of a lot of people. I probably want to do it when I grow up, too, but not as a living. I’m not very good. I just need more practice maybe. We put on a few plays and last year I was Hamlet. The biggest challenge was learning all of the lines and places where I had to move on the stage and all my entering lines – like when I had to go up on the stage. I would jump at the chance to be the lead again if someone gave me the chance to do it again.Joey 2

I never think about what I want to do when I grow up. I have plenty of time.

Family Matters

I have two moms, and they’re really awesome. I have three girl cousins and one boy cousin and I hang out with them a lot. I like to go to my grandparents’ house and cook with them and do Jenga with my grandpa. They live right up the street from our house. It’s not walking distance, but it’s like a five minute ride in the car.

Joey 1Sheri and Jodi are my moms. Sheri is kind of maybe an entrepreneur. She has her own business buying and selling entertainment memorabilia and Jodi works for the CHP. She’s a lieutenant. She’s usually doing a lot of paperwork. She used to pull people over and give them tickets, but not anymore. She’s happier because it’s not as dangerous. I can talk to them about anything. They both do a lot for me and they both do fun things with me and they both watch TV with me. It feels normal. It should feel normal. Like there’s nothing different about it from anybody else.

 In addition to parkour, Joey recently started playing guitar. He likes playing Beatles songs because the melodies are really easy.