Harper lives with her two dads in Chicago. She loves LEGOs, acting in plays, and American Ninja Warrior.

Summer Fun

IMG_3455Last month my daddy got to throw the first pitch at a Cubs baseball game at Wrigley Field. It was Fan Appreciation Day and everyone was there — Daddy, Abba, and me. I got to be on the field, and it was great because when Daddy threw the pitch, the ball didn’t bounce. This summer my favorite thing to do with Daddy and Abba is have water balloon fights. Last time I got my granny wet and Daddy wet. They were soaked! I got soaked too, but I got the least soaked.

Second Grade

I start second grade this year. Last year when I was in first grade, I was the fastest girl in my class. I don’t know if I’ll be the fastest girl in my class this year because I haven’t run with all the kids yet. My favorite things about school are art class and getting to see my friends. This year some of my friends are in a different class, but I’m not sad because I’ll still see them at lunch.

IMG_1148For Fun, Not Rules

Swimming is my favorite sport. My favorite part of swimming is doing handstands underwater. I can’t hold my breath for a really long time because it’s hard and I’m scared because I don’t want to die. I also love volleyball, but I only play for fun, not rules. I’m an actor. This summer I did theater camp and I got to act in plays with other kids. I didn’t forget any of my lines, but sometimes I interrupted other people by accident because I thought I was supposed to go first. But I don’t want to be an actor when I grow up – NO WAY! My daddy is an actor, and every part he really, really wants, he doesn’t always get.

IMG_3307I also love all the Back to the Future and Star Wars movies. I’m going to be Princess Leia for Halloween this year. I also love Jurassic Park. My favorite part are the raptors. Raptors are meat eaters and they eat people. Run if you see them!

American Ninja Warrior

When I grow up, I want to have my own phone to talk to my friends. I’m also going to be an artist and I’m going to be on American Ninja WarriorAmerican Ninja Warrior is a reality show where they do all sorts of courses that are really hard. I watched it this morning; it’s awesome. My favorite part of the show is watching girls compete, because I’m bored of always watching the boys.

I Just Got Over It

I have a pet fish named Light Blue. Light Blue is my second fish. My first fish died because Abba forgot to feed it. We came back home one night and it had died. It was an accident. I was sad, and I cried, but then I just got over it.

IMG_3156Family Time

I like girl time with Granny. I don’t like boy time. I like boy time only with my Daddy and Abba, but that’s different, because I know them. When I’m sad, my daddy always gives me a hug and that makes me happy. I love snuggling with my daddy, and I love having tickle fights with my Abba.