Denver vs. LA

I lived longer in LA than I’ve lived in Denver, so I definitely remember LA. They’re different. LA is a lot more fast-paced and everything is spread out, and so you can’t necessarily do a lot of things.

Here, you can hang out with your friends at the mall, you can walk around. In LA, if you want to hang out with friends, you have to go to their house. Denver is a lot slower paced and there’s a lot more things you can do and take part in and walk to. I like it more, but Denver will never have that “living in LA” feel, and living in LA is cool. I might head back to the West Coast for college, but I don’t know for sure because I don’t even want to know what I want to be when I grow up. I have no idea.

IMG_4453_1024At Home on Big Mountains

I’m a big, big skier. I ski every single Saturday on the ski team and I love it, it’s my favorite thing to do. My school has a ski and board club, but I don’t know if I’m going to join that or not because I’m already part of another ski club. I’m a big mountain, back country, sun, mogul, tree-runs, all that type of person. Big mountain stuff, not competitive stuff. I would much rather go to the Alps and ski the Alps or back country bowl than do races and stuff like that. It’s a lot more fun.

A Future Esquire

I think debate is really fun and my parents say I’m really good at debating things and that I can debate any topic whether I believe in it or not. My dads have said to me quite a few times that I could be a lawyer.

IMG_0314Swimming in a Very Big Pond

I’m in 9th grade. It’s a new school – first year of high school. It’s going pretty good. I’m meeting new people, which is good. There’s 600 in just the freshman class and something like 2,000 in the entire school. The first week was for freshman only, just getting acquainted with the school ’cause it’s really big, then I have this week off, then I start next week with all the other grades, so I don’t honestly know how it’s going to feel with that many people.

I’m definitely going to take part in the swim team and the debate club, and when they have a club fair about two weeks into school, I’ll be looking at joining more clubs and after school activities. For swimming, even if I don’t make the varsity team, I’m guaranteed to make the junior varsity, but it’s a spring sport, so I’ll have to figure out something to do fall and winter.


IMG_4423_1024Having Two Dads

It’s not any different having two dads from if I had any other family. There’s not some dramatic lifestyle difference between what I do and what other families do. Definitely Patrick does a lot more fun and daring things than Bart does, but he’s also more bombastic. Bart is sometimes the voice of reason and sometimes not the voice of reason, but more often than not…the voice of reason. He’s way calmer than Patrick, too, not as bombastic. It’s also crazy here because we have two dogs that are really loud and really energetic all the time. It’s fun.



When not skiing, swimming and arguing, Brandt watches a lot of Netflix, mostly American Dad, and shows of that nature. He’s looking forward to getting to know people in his new high school this year, and eventually – maybe – staring to date.